Cheap Tire Brands. Kumho Tyres South Africa.

Cheap Tire Brands

cheap tire brands

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Turning a Prius into an SUV

Turning a Prius into an SUV

Well, sort of. Got tired of trying to haul around Boy Scouts without an SUV, and no cargo space. Lose some gas mileage, but way cheaper than buying a gas guzzling SUV. There are almost no pictures of a Toyota Prius with a rack on Flickr, for some reason. Thule Aero 400 plus LB50 load bars, 2124 Fit Kit for Toyota Prius (2003).

Bicycle belt

Bicycle belt

Folded the tire over the center of the figure 8 and attached it with black electrical tape. I was originally thinking of doing some kind of rivet, but tape is cheap, easy, and appropriate for bikes since it's used to finish wrapping handlebars. Note the "Nitto" brand, for extra bike geekiness points.

cheap tire brands

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